The Alliance of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Trainings (appt) is a new and unique collaboration of two established psychotherapy organisations: Arbours Association and the Association for Group & Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP), which have pooled their experience and expertise, and launched a joint training in October 2015.

appt offers:

Applications for the clinical training and the foundation course are now open for the Ocober 2017 entry.


appt is organising three open days for prospective candidates for the foundation course and the clinical training. Two of these open days have already passed; the final day will be held at AGIP (near Archway) on the following date:

Sunday, 9th April at 11am

The open days will provide an introduction to the appt and the courses. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and meet members of the Joint Training Committee. The programme will last about two and a half hours. Further details can be found here.

In order to reserve a place on one of these open days, please contact the appt office at AGIP (you may use the contact form on this web site or alternatively telephone or email the office).


AGIP and Arbours are both committed to a broad, pluralist approach to psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, drawing on the major approaches to the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. Both organisations equip their members to work in private practice and in the public and voluntary sectors.

Trainees are encouraged to develop a critical and creative approach to their work within the field and to become competent, self-aware psychoanalytic psychotherapists. They acquire theoretical knowledge, sound clinical skills, and an ethical and professional approach to practice.

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