is the training section of AGIP. This page provides some basic information about AGIP. For full information visit the AGIP web site.

The Association for Group and Indivdual Psychotherapy, AGIP, was established in 1974 to offer psychotherapy and training services.


  • is a charity that is governed by its members through AGIP Council and a number of committees.
  • operates from a large house (owned by a sister charity, the Lady Balogh Psychotherapy Trust) in Archway which has 10 consulting rooms (available for hire), library, teaching rooms and an office.
  • is committed to a pluralist, psychoanalytic approach to training.
  • was instrumental in the formation of the UKCP and a founding organisation of the British Journal of Psychotherapy.
  • has an active CPD and Film Club programme, both being open to non-AGIP members.
  • is able to accept into membership suitably qualified psychoanalytical psychotherapists or analytical psychologists.
  • operates a full and low fee psychotherapy referral service.