AGIP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training is the training section of the Association for Group & Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP). AGIP started offering training in 1974 and in October 2015 it relaunched its courses with the training seminars now taking place over 10 weekends per year (just Saturdays for the Foundation course; Saturday and Sunday for the clinical training).

Applications for courses commencing October 2023 are now closed. It is possible to review the Open Day presentations (without sound) on the website.

If you have any queries about the training, please use our contact form.

The apptraining offers:


AGIP is committed to a broad, pluralist approach to psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, drawing on the major approaches to the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. The clinical training equips members to work in private practice and in the public and voluntary sectors.

Trainees are encouraged to develop a critical and creative approach to their work within the field and to become competent, self-aware psychoanalytic psychotherapists or Jungan analysts. They acquire theoretical knowledge, sound clinical skills, and an ethical and professional approach to practice.

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Black Lives Matter

AGIP stands against racial injustice and will work to better understand how we as individuals and as a psychotherapeutic  training organisation can be allies in the fight against racial injustice. AGIP understands and supports the protests against racism that have taken place around the world. We agree that Black Lives Matter.

The full policy statement can be found here.

UKCP/CPJA Five-yearly review of AGIP and  apptraining

All UKCP organisations are reviewed every five years by a team comprising UKCP and, for AGIP, officers from the College of Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis (CPJA) through which AGIP members join the UKCP register. The latest review report (November 2018) states:

  • “As a Training organisation, AGIP offers a distinctive psychoanalytic psychotherapy training programme developed around a dynamic play of their core principles: pluralism and synthesis. Within the framework of a range of psychoanalytic theories, trainees and therapists are encouraged and supported in finding a unique, theoretical synthesis to respond to the unique, psychological complexity of each patient who comes for treatment. This comparative approach fosters an attitude of receptive openness on the one hand and critical, differentiated thinking on the other.”
  • “The Foundation and Clinical Courses are both well-structured and supported for personal development and therapeutic training, encouraging a healthy, creative interface between these two aspects of the Training Programme. An on-going personal tutor system and experiential, therapy group comprising both students and trainees act as a natural bridge facilitating the transition from foundation to clinical training for those who choose to continue after the first year.”
  • “In all respects, AGIP’s ‘4 Year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training’ course meets and often exceeds all CPJA training course criteria.”
  • “The review team recognises a lot of work has gone into the new AGIP training and structures. The challenge of managing and holding the transition has been done well and with integrity enabling a healthy, creative experience of change for everyone – members, trainees and students.”