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Training courses in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Analytic Psychology

Please read and complete the application forms below and then post to the apptraining Organiser at AGIP (address below). You are advised to look at the AGIP website to explore the ethos of the organisation and to read the FAQ page for more information to explain the process further and assist in your choice.

Application forms

(To download and complete. Please note that depending on your computer settings the following documents might either open or come as a download.)

apptraining Application Form – DOCX or PDF

apptraining Equal Opportunities Form (optional) – DOCX or PDF

apptraining Reference form  – DOCX or PDF

Notes for completing your application

1. Complete the Application and Reference forms above.

2. Application is for the training courses starting in October 2024.

3. The demands of a psychoanalytic psychotherapy training are such that require a certain level of life experience, maturity and evidence of self-awareness. In the interests of ensuring the best training experience, AGIP, in general, welcomes applicants for its clinical training who are at least 25 years old. However, we do not have a blanket rule as we recognise that the life experience and preparedness for the rigours of the training of individual applicants will vary and in exceptional circumstances are open to accepting as trainees applicants below this age.

4. Please email the attached reference form to your two referees, who should be asked to return the completed forms to the apptraining Administrator at AGIP. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the forms are returned by the referee to the appt office.

5. The referees should have known you for a minimum of three years and must normally be people with whom you have had a professional relationship (but not your psychotherapist), so it could, for example, be a work manager or a work colleague. We are aware that some candidates who have had family care commitments for several years might have no one whom they can approach who fulfills this criteria – in which case references from former employers, teachers or friends (but not a relative) will be acceptable.

6. Return the typed completed application plus signed copies of academic and professional certificates etc. to the Training Organiser, AGIP at the above address. The application will be acknowledged by email where this is possible, otherwise by post.

7. (The application fees for 2024-25 are as below) Please pay by bank transfer for £80 for the Foundation course or £160 for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy course to cover administrative and interviewing costs. 

8. Please note that the closing date for applications:  mid July for the Foundation course, and 13th May for the Clinical course. Late applications will only be considered so long as places remain and there is sufficient time to process them.

9. Applications for both courses are normally dealt with on a first-come first-served basis, with decisions being made throughout the application period. This means that either course may become full before the published closing date. Candidate are therefore advised to apply as early as possible. In the event of a course being declared full, a waiting list of candidates will be started.

General information for applicants

1. Once an application has been received, the procedure usually includes the following stages: consideration of your written application by our Training Committee: for the Foundation course, one individual interview with a member of AGIP; for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy course, two individual interviews with members of AGIP.

2. The fee for 2024/2025 for the Foundation course is £2,145 and the annual fee for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy course was £3,160 per annum. Training fees do not include fees for individual therapy or supervision, and are reviewed annually. The fees for 2025/6 have not yet been agreed.

3. In accepting the offer of a place on any course, a non-refundable deposit must accompany the letter of acceptance of a place. This will be deducted from the first year’s fees. For the Foundation course this deposit is £200 and for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training it is £300.

4. Course fees may be paid by  bank transfer either before the start of the course or in three equal parts: by the end of September before the course starts, at the beginning of January, and finally by the end of March. These payments will also include a small administrative fee. Annual course fees remain payable in full and are non-refundable.

5. Applicants are expected to have been in weekly psychoanalytically orientated psychotherapy with an approved therapist before beginning of the Foundation course. The criteria apptraining applies in determining if a therapist can approved can be found in this PDF document. Candidates often under estimate the amount of time it takes to find a suitable psychotherapist – we suggest you allow yourself at least 3 months.

6. For the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training, apptraining trainees are required to attend personal individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy twice weekly throughout the entire duration of their training until qualification. In addition, a significant period of therapy at more than twice a week is expected at some time during the course of the training prior to qualification.

7. Applicants and trainees must ensure that their psychotherapist is recognised by apptraining as a training psychoanalytic psychotherapist. A therapist who is not already recognised will be asked to apply to apptraining for ratification as soon as the applicant has been accepted to do the training.  AGIP has established criteria for the recognition of training therapists.

8. Applicants who are in personal therapy with a practitioner who does not fulfil our criteria for a Training Therapist can arrange a consultation to discuss the situation and if necessary receive help in changing to a new therapist.

9. The apptraining Training Committee makes final decisions on applications, including any conditions attached to offers made, based on interviews’ recommendations, the application form, and the candidate’s personal statement.

Application submission address

The apptraining Administrator:
By email to:


Frequently Asked Questions

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